Xbox One won't turn on

Xbox One won’t Turn On Fixed 2020

My Xbox One won’t turn on but beeps. Suddenly it gets to turn off and how do I fix this error. I checked my power supply cable is connected but the Xbox console won’t turn on but it leaves beeps and gets shut down immediately.

The power supply cable is not connected properly or there is a fault on the cable. If you checked all the power supply cable but didn’t find any suspicious on the cable. Even Xbox One won’t turn on so there may be an internal power supply problem inside the console.

To fix Xbox One won’t turn on the issue. You have to figure out the actual reason that Xbox One console is no getting power. Sometimes, your Xbox one won’t turn on or freezes the screen and the light won’t turn on. I have been fixing this issue and here are the best methods to solve this error.

my xbox one not turn on

Xbox One won’t Turn on

Basically, When you try to turn on Xbox One console, sometimes its screen won’t light up, and the console shutdowns after one beep. The reason is your power supply may be interrupted or faulted. There are many causes that your Xbox couldn’t boot up but makes a sound.

Sometimes overheated console won’t turn on and you have to wait until it gets cooled out to turn on. So, the causes are the solutions. Here are some solutions that fix Turn on the issue on Xbox One console.

Solution 1: Reset your internal power supply

Xbox One won't turn on
Xbox Power supply

The Xbox One X and Xbox One S has the internal power supply that provides powers when there is no electricity. Resetting the power supply of the console after a power surge can help to turn on the Xbox console. A simple power reset can solve the problem easily.

  1. Unplug the power supply cable from the console.
  2. Wait 10 seconds.
  3. Plug the cable back into the console, and then press the Xbox button on the Console.

If the power reset helps turn on the console. Repeat the same instructions when the console won’t turn on again.

If the console still doesn’t turn on, try the following:

  • Check the wall outlet with other devices. Sometimes power outlet fault that it won’t supply the power to the console. If the outlet works with another device jump on the next point.
  • Check the Plug is properly connected with the wall outlet and to your console.
  • Always use the power cable that comes with the console. Don’t use third-party cables.
  • Visit the Xbox service center and repair console damage.

Solution 2: No Display Detected

When you turn on the console, it turns on but the display won’t light up. To fix this issue you have to check the HDMI port is properly connected or not. Try to switching Ports and cables on Your Monitor or TV.

Solution 3: Use Working Controllers

why my xbox one won't turn on
Image: Xbox connectors

If you are trying to turn on Xbox via controllers then you should be careful with the controller. If the controller is not working try to turn on the console by press the Xbox button from the console. If turn on, replace the controller battery and try with the controller. Again controller is not able to turn the console on, try direct connect the controller with USB from the console. If none of them work then you should change the controller.

Solution 4: Replace Motherboard

If there is no problem with the power supply and light upon Tv. But Xbox One doesn’t turn on, there is a problem with the motherboard. You have to change the motherboard of the console to fix the issue.

Conclusion: Xbox One won’t turn on the issue is related to the power supply problem. This solution works on almost all the Xbox One series such as Xbox One X and Xbox One S, etc. Improving power supply helps prevent all kinds of physical damage on Xbox Console.

Most Asked Question on Xbox One won’t Turn On

1.Why my Xbox one won’t turn on?

Ans: Due to the power supply fault or Xbox over heated.

2. How come when I turn my Xbox one on nothing happens?

Ans: Check the HDMI port connection between on console and TV. If HDMI is not connected, switching ports and cables.

3. What do you do when your Xbox game wont turn on?

Ans: If Xbox game won’t turn on read guide on Xbox Error Code 0x8027025a.

4. How do I get my Xbox repaired?

Ans: You need your warranty to and go sign the repair request.

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