How to fix Xbox One Controller drift

How to Fix Xbox One Controller Drift 2020?

Are you facing controlling issues while playing games on Xbox One? How to Fix Xbox One Controller Drift? It feels like some else is controlling your movement when the analog button itself moves in the game. So the point is how to fix Xbox One controller drift?

Having effective control over every single movement is the dream for every gamer. But having an issue with the controller is the worst nightmare for every gamer. Most of the Xbox users are affected by the controller drift problem. Read this post on how to fix the Xbox One controller drift to get rid of the auto analog movement.

How to Fix Xbox One Controller Drift?

I saw most of the players are having issues with the Xbox One controller. A significant of users are claiming that a slight drifting issue on both right and left analog. Some are having right analog drift and others are having left analog drift automatically. The drifting issue has gone worst in their case and they are not able to use that controller anymore. So how to fix the Xbox One controller drift problem.

How to fix Xbox One Controller drift
Image: Xbox Controller

What does controller Drift mean? Actually, when the joystick moves without giving any input by the user. That condition is controller drift. Many of you might ask how it is an issue to move slightly without you intend to move. Well here is the simple clarification, When you try to aim at any object a slight movement can disturb your target. So controller drift is an issue that leads you to miss a target easily.

Now you may think how to fix Xbox one controller drift issue. In the major cases, this problem has been fixed by both physically part dismantling and filtering console’s settings. However, If you negligence and didn’t fix this problem. It will turn even worst than before.

According to the affected users, fix Xbox one controller drifting issue soon. This problem can seriously cause damage to the controller and you can even repair it. However, there is noting a complex task to perform in order to fix the controller drifting problems. You can easily run troubleshoot for this issue on your own.

Troubleshoot for Xbox One Controller Drift

How to fix Xbox One controller drift? The Xbox One controller drift issue can be solved very easily, you just have to follow some instructions and take care of something that is important in order to find out the actual cause of this problem.

Keep in mind that you are aware of controller caring tips. The methods that can solve the issue of controller drift are genuine. According to the Xbox forum, these solutions have worked almost in all the users. While researching about How to Fix Xbox One controllers drift issue. I found almost all the users are getting rid of the controller drift issue.

How to fix Xbox One Controller drift
Image: Damaged Xbox controller

Here are the instructions on how to fix Xbox One controller drift. You have to go through at least all the solutions until your controller gets back to normal.

Solution 1: Charge Controllers Battery

If you are getting drifted for a second and your controller is giving accuracy again. It means your controller’s battery is getting low. You have to charge your controllers battery or you can use the controller connecting UBS from the console. After that check, any suspicious moves happen without your input or not.

If that fails then you have to charge the controller and move to next method.

Solution 2: Hard Reset Xbox One

Hard Resetting the Xbox One can’t delete any data but it helps to clear the cache and temp files on the console. It slightly changes some settings to the default and can help to fix the problem

Follow given instructions step-by-step to hard rest Xbox one:

  1. Press and hold the Xbox button on your Xbox One console for 10 seconds or until it gets shut down.
  2. Unplug the power cord. So the power surges completely get cut.
  3. Wait 3-5 minutes and plug in the power cord,
  4. Press the Xbox button on the console to turn it on.

Try testing by playing some games on Xbox One and let us notify if these methods work on your controller.

How to fix Xbox One Controller drift
Dust on Xbox Controller

Conclusion: So, these solutions help you to get your console normal. How to fix Xbox One controller drift? Questions might have got an answer. Now you can play games without the lack of controller accuracy on the Xbox console.

If your controller is damaged then you should visit the nearest Xbox store to repair it. How to fix Xbox One controller drift answer can be provided by the technician For more guides on Xbox, issues feel free to submit an error. I will figure out some ways to get rid of the errors.

Top Asked Question on How to fix Xbox One Controller Drift

1. Can you fix controller drift?

Ans: Yes, It’s easy to fix controller drifts on Xbox One. I have guided How to fix the Xbox One controller drift issue. That is followed by several numbers of peoples and get rid of the issue completely.

2. How do I get rid of controller drift?

Ans: To get rid of controller drift you have to be careful about the battery status and the controller’s physical state.

3. What is the cause of controller drift?

Ans: Some users believe that dust and unwanted particles get inside the joystick rubber. Hence, dust is the cause of controller drift.

4. How to fix Xbox One controller drift?

Ans: So the controller drift can be fixed by cleaning dust particles from analog rubber or changing settings.

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