Best DNS Servers for Xbox One 2020

Are you looking for the Best DNS Servers for Xbox One? Check out the List of Fastest DNS servers for Xbox One and 360.

Most of the users prefer to customize the DNS setting on the Xbox console. The default DNS provided by the IPS is not the fastest and best DNS server for gaming purposes.

But don’t worry about the slower connection, we have evaluated and tested the Best DNS servers for Xbox One. By following the guide, you’ll get instant and reliable internet connectivity while gaming.

In this article, I will guide how to change DNS server on Xbox One. It is very easy to configure DNS setting on Xbox One. You only need to select the best DNS server for Xbox One.

Best DNS Servers for Xbox One

Best DNS servers for Xbox One
Fastest Internet connection

DNS is an address book on of website referred to as the number. DNS’s full form is the Domain Name System. DNS server locates the nearest gaming server and website to make the connection between servers and console better.

How DNS Server Increase Speed?

Xbox console takes time to load games and websites depending on how far the server location. But using DNS it will redirect to the nearest servers and reduces the load time. If you choose wrong DNS insted of best DNs server for Xbox One.

There are two types of DNS servers:

  • Public DNS server: These servers are owned by the multinational companies and secure than Private DNS servers. The public DNS server is faster as compare to private DNS servers. Some popular public DNS servers are Google DNS, Cloud Flare DNS.
  • Private DNS server: These DNS servers are provided by the local ISP. It is not secure and faster. Most of the private DNS servers have blocked many popular sites around the restricted geographical area.

Fastest DNS Servers for Xbox

The fastest and the best DNS server is public DNS servers. Using these servers you can have faster speed, reduction of lags, and smooth frame rates in gaming. You don’t have to pay in order to use the Public DNS server. But these days some of the DNS use premium subscriptions for Better speed than free one.

If you want to unblock any game which is not released in your region, Public DNS helps to figure out your problems. Most of the RPG games are released in Japan and not released around the world.

Here are some of the fastest DNS servers for Xbox One in 2020:

DNS ProviderPrimary DNSSecondary DNS
Cloud flare1.
Comodo Secure DNS8.
Level 3209.244.0.3209.244.0.4
Uncensored DNS91.239.100.10089.233.43.71
Alternate DNS

DNS Speed Test

These are the fastest and secure DNS servers on the internet. The speed of that DNS servers may depend on your ISP. But you can check the speed of the DNS servers speed using:

  • Namebench (Automatic DNS) Test: The free tool developed by Google in 2010 to test DNS servers status and speed. This tool automatically measures the DNS server in bulk and shows test reports on all sites.
  • Manuel Test: You can test each of the DNS manually one by one changing them.

If you are a fan of top speed, you must go to and test DNS in Namebench. Check at least the top 3 fast DNS on your console. Choose the DNS in which the outcome is best among all.

To set up and benchmark the DNS server, here are the instructions which you should follow step by step to evaluate the Best DNS Servers for the Xbox console. After you get idle DNS for following the guide to configure DNS setting on Xbox One.

How to Test DNS Speed?

Namebench is a tool that helps in benchmarking the DNS servers. It uses top websites to text the DNS server one after one. Still, it has not updated by google but it works perfectly. It is the best tool that helps to choose the Best DNS servers for Xbox One.

1.Install NameBench

Namebench is available on macOS and Windows, you can download it from the NameBench Official page. Extract it and run as Administrator to install NameBench on your PC.

2. Run the Test

Copy and Paste all the DNS addresses on the Nameserver field. Both primary and secondary DNS should be separated with (,) comma and space.

Best DNS for Xbox One
Namebench setup

You can check on Include Global DNS provider for Google and Cloud Flare DNS IP address. Check on Include Best available regional DNS servers for the fastest DNS servers in your area.

Query Data Source: Select any data according to your test. We recommend choosing Alexa top 2,000.

Number of Queries: It means how many times each server will be tested. By default 50 times is good for the start. You can set any number according to your test.

3. Report Analysis

It took more than an hour depending on your query. The benchmarking test result will open in your default browser’s new tab.

Here are the point to notice in the reports:

  • Main focus on ‘Avg (ms)’
  • Ignore all the comments. The content in the comment is outdated since 2010 NameBench hasn’t got an upgrade.
  • OpenDNS is the fastest in our results.
How to change DNS on Xbox One
NameBench Result

You can see the result which DNS is fastest in this test.

Best and Fastest DNS among Free servers:

  • OpenDNS (
  • Google DNS (
  • UltraDNS

You have to configure these best DNS servers on Xbox One. You can also configure DNS settings on your router for better performance on all devices.

How to Change DNS server on Xbox One?

The custom DNS server improves the internet connections and the internet becomes more secure than before. You can select the best DNS server for Xbox One according to your benchmarking test. Follow these instructions to change the DNS server on Xbox One:

  1. From the Xbox One home screen
  2. Go to Settings > Network > Advanced settings
  3. Select DNS settings and choose Manual.
  4. Enter the Primary DNS “” and the Secondary DNS “”
  5. Save the setting.
How to change DNS setting on Xbox One
Image Credit: GP

Conclusion: Here is the Best DNS servers for Xbox One. Hope you found the fastest DNS server for your Xbox console. Remember: If you get any trouble while doing benchmarking feel free to comment on your problems. The fastest DNS for your device is measured by Namebench.

Some Questions Asked on Best DNS Servers for Xbox One

1. What is the fastest DNS server for Xbox one?

Ans: The fastest DNS server for Xbox one are:

  • OpenDNS (
  • Google DNS (
  • UltraDNS

2. What DNS should I use for Xbox one?

Ans: You should use OpenDNS on your Xbox One.

3. Is IPv6 faster than IPv4?

Ans: Without NAT IPv6 is faster then IPv4.

4. Is changing DNS safe?

Ans: Yes, changing DNS is safe but you have to choose the the correct DNS server.

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